Eddie Dücker Trucks and Parts is specialised in the purchase and sale of trucks, truck parts and all related accessories. For several generations, the Dücker family has been committed to offering the best possible service. The 1st Dücker generation founded the company in Heeze in 1952.
Afterwards, Eddie Dücker founded his company in Oirschot in 1981, which is where the company grew into what it is today.
Later, his two sons, Maurits and Hugo (Billy) Dücker, joined the company.

The experienced team of Eddie Dücker Trucks and Parts always prioritises the customer and has delivered countless trucks and parts to their new owners in over 115 different countries. From complete trucks, trailers, loading cranes or engine blocks to the tiniest separate parts, everything is processed and prepared for shipping with the utmost care.
On the website, parts can be found by their OEM number, ensuring customers always order the right product.

The trucks are prepared for their next owner in our own workplace. Eddie Dücker Trucks and Parts handles the entire import and export process. From loading the containers to packaging the parts, everything is taken care of. Eddie Dücker Trucks and Parts also handles the required documents for sea or road transport.

Eddie Dücker Trucks and Parts is always looking for used trucks and trailers.
We are an RDW-certified company, which means we'll ensure all documents are processed correctly when purchasing vehicles.
With our own transport vehicles, we can pick up and transport any vehicle, whether functional or defective, with or without damage.

Are you curious what Eddie Dücker Trucks and Parts can do for you? Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.